Wednesday, August 31

Hello? Hello...

Okay, now I'm starting to feel hurt. Maybe there are people out there who are reading this, maybe they just turn tail and run away from all the craziness that I'm putting up here; I wouldn't blame them. But seriously, even the people who do know me haven't posted any comment to say that they've been here! Hellloooo? Are you people still alive? Even if you are a total stranger and seriously freaked out with all the crazy stuff that I post, TELL ME. At least then I'll know that someone is out there reading something! That makes me feel a little better about continuing to post this stuff.

actually, I think that I would still write here even if no one read any of it, it's a great stress outlet and ego booster. I look back on this stuff and think "Wow, Ezer, you really do have something in that head of yours, even if it is totally insane and pointless."


Blogger Catherine said...

Not insane. Not pointless. Not in the least.

And now you have plenty of comments. ;)

September 01, 2005 1:11 AM  

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