Tuesday, October 25


Ha, ha! Got you guys fooled didn't I? I decided that I needed a change. I think I'll change this more frequently. I have to keep everyone on their toes now, don't I?

Woooooo. That was fun. It really makes my day. I know Dad, Catherine, I'm so easily amused. But that's OK! Because I had fun amusing myself!

Peace and love to all you guys!

P.S. Everyone, especially my family, should go hang out in James ch. 1-2. Really, really good for times of trials.


Blogger The Big C said...

Hey Ezer- I find my thoughts drifting to you often. Hope you are well and warm. Funny that you mention James, I was there just this morning.
The Quincy Gang

November 02, 2005 12:42 AM  

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